Q: Are you licensed?

A: Yes!  Any professional auctioneer should have some education in the laws governing the auction industry. The auction industry is regulated by the federal government so being aware of the changing regulations is imperative to having a successful, clean and smooth auction.

Q: Do you sell my vehicle at auction with a reserve price?

A: Typically you will get more for vehicle sold at absolute no reserve. Selling at absolute creates a frenzy type atmosphere and will typically get more for car. But this is your choice we do take reserves.

Q: What does “absolute” and “no reserve” mean?

A: An absolute no reserve means that the items for sale will sell regardless of amount that is bid.

Q: How long does it take to get my vehicle in auction?

A: Typically we ask for you to drop it off the day before our auction (Auctions are held on Friday) for preparation, before holding the auction this allows for the proper time to get the items inventoried and also get “the word out” about the auction. Advertising is one of the most important steps of having a successful sell in our auction.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Sellers

For Sellers

Please be informed about our auction process!


We realize that the thought of having to sell your vehicle can be overwhelming, let 905 Auto Auction sell it for you in our auction. We market our auctions through several advertising avenues in order to create the largest attendance possible, more money for you and less stress.

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Auctions are fast becoming the first choice for all sellers and not just those who need to sell quickly. Here are just a few Auction Advantages offered by our Full-Service 905 Auto Auction Company to serve you.

Effective in weak as well as strong markets
All items sold “as is”

Maximizes potential values
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Converts your vehicle, ATV, Boat or Motorhome into cash
No hidden expenses one flat rate no fine print

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Our auction is held on-site, we offer many services to assist you - were just a step way!

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