905 Auto Auction

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905 Auto Auction will allow guest admittance to individuals 18 years and older, all guests must register and be accompanied by a registered dealer at all times. The pass must be displayed at all times and only allows admittance. Guests are the responsibility of their registered dealer. 


Bidder Number and Guest Pass

905 Auto Auction will issue at the time of registration, if lost or stolen you can request for a replacement please notify office immediately. Guest pass and Bidder Number must be display at all times, during the auction.

Buyer Agreement

Releasing Vehicles

Only to be done at the end of the auction, no loading or unloading will be permitted during the auction process!! All vehicles must be paid in full by 3:00pm the following business day, before removing the vehicle. Any vehicle left after the release date, will be charged to an additional storage fee of $25.00 per day will apply no exceptions


Monday 9-5pm
Tuesday 9-5pm
Wednesday 9-5pm
Thursday 9-5pm
Friday 8-4pm
Saturday & Sunday Closed

Form Of Payment

We accept Cash only. We do not accept credit cards, personal or company checks sorry for the in convince. 

Authorized Bidders

A register Dealer may authorize additional buyers to place bids on their behalf. The completion of additional form is required to activate bidding privileges. Please see the Clerk at office. A limit to the number of additional buyers, per account is at the sole discretion of 905 Auto Auction.

We are bonded, licensed, and insured.

 We encourage everyone to come out and attend our auctions. 


*  Completion of Registration Application signed By Dealer/Owner.

    Agent Buyer Authorized by Dealer/Owner must have a current Sales Person License to be able to do transactions for Dealer NO EXCEPTIONS.

*  Two forms of Identification

*  Signed Buyer Agreement rules of 905 Auto Auction.

*  Seller’s Permit/Businesses Tax

*  Dealers Bond

* Mexican Dealers Canaco Card Original card and Receipts two forms of Identification

Buyer Fee:




$6,000-OVER= 10%